Significant Down Payment + Good Credit = No Income Verification


Some Americans have the means to pay a mortgage but their tax returns just don’t tell the whole story.

We offer mortgage loans to be adaptive to unique circumstances, without the hassle of reams and reams of paperwork. Community Development Loan programs provide non-traditional access to prime capital that fosters homeownership for diverse underbanked individuals and families. We have loan programs which look beyond standard loan qualification metrics associated with traditional income verification. Instead, we consider the borrower’s down-payment/equity, overall financial profile and credit history. Most lenders require tax returns and W-2’s (or a stack of bank statements) to prove income. We have an easier way. Let me show you how.


  • People with inconsistent or difficult-to-document income sources

  • Borrowers with good credit and strong savings
  • Families with low or moderate income

  • Immigrants and minorities sharing extended family resources

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All lending products are subject to credit & property approval. Rates, program terms, & conditions are subject to change without notice. Not all products are available in all states or for all amounts. Other restrictions & limitations apply. Prequalification provides you with an estimate of how much you can borrow to purchase a home, based on our preliminary review of credit information. This does not represent an offer to enter into a loan agreement. Information is accurate as of the date listed below and may change without notice.