ITIN/NO Credit score

Golden Lenders provides customers access to homeownership through an affordable long-term finance agreement and allows customers time to get mortgage ready with an equitable title interest.  Golden Lenders provides yet another way for customers otherwise unable to obtain affordable financing to access homeownership.

  • Offers 96.5% financing up to FHA loan limits
  • A Financing Agreement is signed at the time of closing providing the rights and privileges of homeownership via equitable title, similar to a standard mortgage and deed or trust
  • Built-in refinancing allows for customer transition into direct ownership
  • Financial counseling, payment protection and home warranty included customers that benefit from the program:
  • First time home buyers
  • Self-employed
  • 1099 and gig workers
  • Relocation
  • New job
  • College graduates
  • Student loans burdened
  • Multi-generational households
  • Credit issues preventing mortgage approva
  • Those in transition
ITIN/NO Credit score In Colorado, Florida, Texas

We’re fully commited to helping you purchase the home of your dreams. Our ITIN/NO Credit score is one of many tools we use to help our clients.

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