FHA Loans

Backed by the federal government, FHA loans provide an incredible path to homeownership. With as little as 3.5% down, you’ll be moving into your new home in no time.

Getting Approved for an FHA Loan

FHA Loans aren’t just for first-time home buyers. If you have credit challenges, but have steady employment history, you may qualify for this program that has helped millions of Americans buy homes. 

Golden Lenders is an approved FHA lender, so we are well versed with how you may qualify for this program. 

We will shop the best FHA rates and terms for you to make sure you’re getting the best value possible. 

You can count on us to provide highly personalized service that you won’t find working directly with large financial institutions.

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Eligibility for FHA Loans

The FHA program requires as little as 3.5% of the home purchase price to qualify, with a credit score of 580 or higher. FHA loans can be approved with credit scores as low as 550, with a minimum of 10% down.

When you speak with us about FHA loans or any of our loan options, we always take the time to get to know you before recommending the best loan type for your needs.  

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