Conventional Loans

We offer a variety of conventional loans, or mortgage loans that are not backed by the government. We will shop the best rates on the market for you, so you're not limited to one bank's rates.

VA Loans

We are proud to help our country's veterans achieve homeownership through the government's VA Loans program. Learn more about how you may qualify for this popular zero down payment mortgage.

FHA Loans

Popular with first-time home buyers, an FHA mortgage may be your best path to homeownership. Contact us to learn how as little as 3.5% down may get you into the home of your dreams.

Down Payment Assistance

Not enough money for a down payment? You may qualify for assistance. These programs are provided by the state and private institutions. Call us today.

What we Do

Mortgage Company Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, Texas

Home ownership is part of the American dream. Nearly everyone wants to own his or her own home. Turn to Golden Lenders in Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, & Texas for expert assistance in living your dream. Our mortgage company provides loans for first-time buyers, those who want to purchase a new home, or those who want to refinance. We are now offering mobile home financing in Florida.

Offering the Mortgage Services You Need

Have you become discouraged with the complexities that accompany the home loan process? Reach out to our mortgage lender team for the guidance you need. It is our practice to educate our customers on the process and to make the experience enjoyable for you.

Know that we do everything we can to make home-buying as easy, convenient, and speedy as possible.

Why Choose Our
Mortgage Company?

Come to us for options in financing your home, sweet home. Veterans may be eligible for VA loans, those with less-than-stellar credit scores may qualify for FHA loans, and those who own a home and are current on their mortgage may be able to refinance through HARP.

Let us help you achieve that dream. Our priority is helping you get the financing you need for a new home. We have the expertise to help you, as well as the customer service skills that smooth your path to home ownership. Choose us as your mortgage company because:


We Are Number One in CO, FL, NE, and TX Lending.


We Work With Your Credit Challenges.


We Have More Than 25 Years of Experience.


We Offer Loan Education.


We Provide You With Fast Approval.

I’ve done several loans through Golden Lenders, had friends get loans through them, and my fiancé is about to get a loan through them as well. It’s nice to have a company you can trust in the mortgage business.

Brent C.

Golden Lenders is very experienced with many options in the lending field and will be able to answer all your questions. They were there every time I needed help with pre-approval letters, payment details and every question I had. You can’t go wrong if you select Golden Lenders to help with your needs.

Stephie F.

I started working with Golden Lenders from the beginning of 2013. They have been great when it comes to home buying and loan approval. They work very closely with their clients and their responsiveness is amazing. I would go to Golden Lenders if I am looking to buy other homes in the future!”

Uprety G.

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Contact Golden Lenders today for the mortgage help you need to turn your dream house into reality. We provide attentive customer service throughout the process of obtaining a loan for your new home. We serve clients across Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, & Texas.

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