Lease To Own

If you don’t have a down payment saved for your home purchase, don’t worry. We can help!

How Lease To Own Works

Golden Lenders is happy to provide an affordable and attainable alternative to a traditional mortgage that still puts you on the path to home ownership. Our safe and flexible lease-to-own program is the contemporary option towards owning your own home, providing excellent support and options while allowing you to invest in your future.

What makes our lease-to-own program so great? This program provides many of the benefits of a traditional mortgage plus so much more. For starters, there’s no down payment required to get started. Second, your monthly payments are going towards your home equity before you even purchase, meaning more financial leverage long term. Third, you’ll be locking in today’s low mortgage interest rates, protecting yourself from being locked out of a future purchase due to market shifts.

Then there are benefits better than a regular mortgage or rental! With our lease-to-own program, you can really try out your neighborhood before you commit to a purchase, so you’re sure of the right place for you and your life. We also provide tools and counseling, giving you the ability to both start and continue managing homeownership the best way possible. Our goal is to always make the process as easy as possible, with the best feasible outlook for our customers’ futures and we’re confident our lease-to-own program maintains that standard.

Of course, some terms and conditional apply. We do ask that applicants have at FICO credit score of 580 or higher, but we’re also willing to help you work on building your credit from there. Applicants should have 24 months or more of housing history. We are also asking for a combined household income of $3,600 a month and roughly $4,000 in savings, keeping you at no more than a 50% Debt-to-Income ratio. Because we’re focused on making sure you can comfortably own a home, not struggle and stress, in addition to these application conditions, we also aim to keep your maximum lease payment at no more than 1/3 of the household income.

We know your life is complicated, but you want the best for you and your family for the future. Call us today at 303-482-2361 so we can start you on the road to homeownership through our lease-to-own program!

Lease To Own In Colorado, Florida, Texas

We’re fully commited to helping you purchase the home of your dreams. Our Lease To Own program is one of many tools we use to help our clients.

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