Need a Bank Statement Loan?

Do you need to buy a home or refinance but can’t because you can’t prove your income?

Golden Lenders offers a bank statement loan. This loan program is perfect for someone who is self-employed. Typically this borrower has a lot of tax deductions and therefore on paper, the net income on their tax returns is too low to qualify for a conventional loan program. We can get you qualified by using your bank statements to show proof of income. Don’t want to use your bank statements? We offer a NO INCOME VERIFICATION loan program as well.

WHY Golden Lenders?

Here at Golden Lenders, we pride ourselves on providing solutions to self employed home buyers and borrowers. If you can’t provide proof if income or you are like most other business owners who have an overage of tax deductions, we can help you!

What is a Bank Statement Loan?
A Bank Statement loan is for someone who is self-employed but can’t prove their income. Typically this borrower has a lot of tax deductions and writes off a lot of expenses therefore on paper, the net income is too low to be used for a conventional loan program.

Here at Golden Lenders we have the option to not use your income and we verify that by using your bank statement deposits instead. This is a Bank Statement program. As long as a homeowner or buyer can demonstrate that they have enough money in the bank to continue making on time payments, they are qualified for the loan program.

Bank Statement Loan in Colorado, Florida, Texas

We’re fully commited to helping you purchase the home of your dreams. Our Bank Statement Loan is one of many tools we use to help our clients.

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