While interest rates have risen from the all-time lows we experienced at the beginning of the decade, savvy buyers have realized that the corresponding ongoing home price drops still make 2022 the perfect time to enter the homebuying market. After negotiating a mortgage that meets their financial needs, buyers will be situated to make the leap toward home ownership while taking advantage of competitive home pricing as a result of new construction inventory along with today’s interest landscape. However, a seamless mortgage experience is far from a guarantee in any homebuying climate. As such, we’ve decided to create this checklist of do’s and don’ts to help our readers comfortably achieve their goal of homeownership in 2022.

Do: Plan to Remain with Your Current Employer

Don’t: Unexpectedly Change Jobs

Stability is one of the most important factors when it comes to securing a mortgage. As such, job stability throughout the mortgage process presents a notable advantage.  While you can still celebrate promotions or pay raises as always, be cautious about resigning from your position or switching employers.

Do: Focus on Financial Stability

Don’t: Make Big Splash Purchases

To stay with the theme of stability, we also recommend refraining from making any big splashes when it comes to your credit lines or general finances. Here are two changes that could potentially slow down the process or impact the terms of your upcoming mortgage:

  • Opening new lines of credit
  • Reducing your deposit savings with large purchases

Do: Budget Wisely

Don’t: Forget About Additional Costs

A home is one of the largest purchases we make in our lifetimes, which undoubtedly makes it one of the most exciting. However, it can be easy to get carried away amid all that excitement and overextend your budget. To ensure long-term comfort and success with your home purchase, be sure to leave room in the budget for home maintenance, insurance costs, and moving costs.

Do: Seek the Help of a Mortgage Lender

Don’t: Make the Mistake of Thinking You Have to Go it Alone

One surefire way to reduce the stress involved in securing the right mortgage for your needs is to get the advice of an independent advisor. We have an abundance of experience empowering clients to reach their goal of homeownership, and we take pride in educating them about the different options available to them with a focus on accommodating their individual circumstances.

Streamline Your Mortgage Process and Achieve the Dream of Homeownership with Golden Lenders

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