At Golden Lenders, our primary goals are to help our clients understand the different types of purchasing options available to them and empower them to reach their dream of homeownership with a loan that suits their financial situation.  Even still, we realize that selecting the ideal mortgage is only a portion of the entire homebuying process. You may even be tasked with selling your current home before moving onto your next one. We can help there too!

In our last blog, we offered tips for minor upgrades you can make to ensure your home stands out from the crowd. This time, we’re going bigger! Whether you are settling into your dream home or preparing to sell your starter home, here are a few renovations that are sure to boost the value of your home.

Renovations to Boost the Value of Your Home

Kitchen Remodel

These days, homes that receive the most competitive offers come fully stocked with a modernized kitchen. Luckily, you may not need to make massive investments to catch more eyes prior to a home sale. There is no question than brand new flooring and matching appliances will draw attention to your space, but you can make meaningful improvements on a budget as well. Here are a few ideas to consider!

  • Replacing the faucet
  • Replacing cabinet hardware
  • Painting cabinets
  • Adding modern light fixtures

Attic or Basement Finishing

Adding more usable square footage to your home is a great way to make it more comfortable to you and more appealing to potential buyers. If you have an unfinished basement or potentially usable attic space, consider upgrading them! Be sure to design upgraded spaces with versatility in mind to allow the next homeowner to truly make the space their own.

Deck Your Home Out

Adding a deck to your home is undoubtedly a large investment, but it also offers among the highest returns whether you are settling into your new home or planning to sell it in the coming months. Enjoy hosting friends and family on your new deck and collect an estimated return of over 100% when the time comes to sell!

Bathroom TLC

Unless your bathroom is showing major signs of age and wear, it’s likely that a total remodel is unnecessary. It is estimated that any investments you do make to your home’s bathrooms will recoup you roughly 50% when the time comes to sell. Assuming you are content with the major hardware, these minor additions can help your bathroom stand out:

  • New faucets
  • A fresh coat of paint
  • Regrouted bathtub
  • New vanity hardware
  • New mirror

Secure the Right Mortgage and Achieve the Dream of Homeownership with Golden Lenders

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